Please Subscribe. A movie worth checking out.

Please subscribe is a movie that’s been on my Netflix watch list for a long time! It’s about youtube and the people behind some of the more successful channels. I was putting off watching it for so long mainly because I didn’t expect much! But I was pleasantly surprised! It’s a nice glimpse into the possibilities content creators have right now. If you have an urge to do something creative there is a platform for it. And if what you do happens to strike a cord with an audience, even better! Just another reminder that if you want to do something there’s no better time than now!

New look!

After quite a bit of time the new site is up and running! It took a while but better late than never! Right? Part from a fresh look the new site supports easier updating and the ability to modify and improve things. So have a look and don’t forget to visit often! New things coming in the near future!

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