Patterns in 4K

I’m happy to finally share with you what I’ve been working on the past few weeks! The video you see below explores patterns and their power to create unique images from the simplest of elements. It’s a static shot that keeps evolving every few seconds. Reflections are used quite often, in order to create the illusion of different forms. Had also the brilliant idea to produce it in 4k which introduced a whole new set of issues at the rendering stage. A 5 minute render in 2k would balloon to 20 minutes in 4k! With 2446 frames one can easily see the immense amount of rendering time needed to complete this. Hopefully Google’s Zync service came to the rescue. What would have taken me a month or more of continuous rendering time on my computer took just a few hours on Zync!

So, without further ado, here’s the short video.



Designing interfaces with Adobe’s illustrator

Nowadays it seems that everyone has switched to Sketch to design their user interfaces. But Adobe’s illustrator is still as powerful as ever in exactly this field. In the following video I’m trying to highlight some specific workflows on how to design UI elements in Illustrator. Enjoy!

Work faster with your mac

This is a video I wanted to do for a long long time! In the video below you will find a collection of third party utilities I’m using daily along with some native OSX features. You might not think that you need these tools until you play around with them and realise how faster you can be! Have a look at the video and decide for yourself!

Cinema 4D R18 sneak preview

Cinema 4D R18 is almost here! It’s a feature packed release with lots of new additions and improvements. In the video below I go through some of my favourite new things in R18. From the new voronoi fracturing to the much appreciated mograph enhancements. Expect to spend loads of hours playing with the new features!

Understanding how the wood shader works [Cinema 4D]

As intuitive as Cinema is, there are still parts of it that are a bit too cryptic. The wood shader definitely falls in to that category. It’s a really powerful shader that can give some great results but filled with so many options it’s destined to confuse people! With that in mind I’ve prepared this tutorial that hopefully will help you decode all of wood shader’s settings. Give the shader a chance and you will definitely be rewarded at the end. Enjoy!


The addiction of the week

For the past week or now that I think about it a couple of weeks, I’ve been hooked on a lucky find through iTunes! It’s been constantly playing ever since! Ok with a few pauses in between but you know what I mean!

The artist is called “My Baby” and the albums, “Loves Voodoo!” and “Shamanaid”.

It’s a bit tricky to describe the genre but I’ll give it a try anyway! It’s a combination of jazz, blues, and funk. With a few other genres mixed in! Just to keep things interesting!

Even if you’re not in to this sort of music definitely give it a listen (through previews) and you never know. You might get hooked as well!

Please Subscribe. A movie worth checking out.

Please subscribe is a movie that’s been on my Netflix watch list for a long time! It’s about youtube and the people behind some of the more successful channels. I was putting off watching it for so long mainly because I didn’t expect much! But I was pleasantly surprised! It’s a nice glimpse into the possibilities content creators have right now. If you have an urge to do something creative there is a platform for it. And if what you do happens to strike a cord with an audience, even better! Just another reminder that if you want to do something there’s no better time than now!

New look!

After quite a bit of time the new site is up and running! It took a while but better late than never! Right? Part from a fresh look the new site supports easier updating and the ability to modify and improve things. So have a look and don’t forget to visit often! New things coming in the near future!

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