Learning how to light a scene!

Like in photography and movies, lighting in 3D plays a really important role. A beautifully modelled scene can be ruined by mediocre lighting and a mediocre model can be elevated by some carefully placed lighting. With that in mind I created the video below. Trying to decipher lighting and make it as easy to understand as possible! Enjoy!

The evolution of Technology & How it changed the art landscape

This is a video I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. When you’re in the middle of a tight deadline and all you could wish for was 5 render farms, it’s quite easy to forget how difficult things were 20-30 years ago.

Heck, it wouldn’t even be possible 20-30 years ago to render the kind of work we’re doing now! In this video I’m going back in time and pointing out the key things that completely changed the way we work with digital art

and how much it improved the final outcome. Enjoy!

Render the easy way in Cinema 4D

With Release 16 the reflectance channel was introduced and along with it an unbiased way to render images and animations. In the video below I’m going through all the things you need in order to simplify your rendering workflow. While also getting incredibly realistic results!

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